4 Tips to Make Buying Diamond Jewelry Easier

Buying fine jewelry, such as a diamond ring is expensive and can be a bit scary too. You want the very best that your money can buy, but where do you go for advice? How can you make the whole process as pain free as possible without feeling as though you are being ripped off? To help you, here are some top tips to make buying fine jewelry easier.

Know the Purity

All gold is not the same. Absolutely pure gold is called 24 karat (24K, 24ct). However, because gold is such a soft metal, it cannot be used in pure form or else any gemstones set into it would fall out. It is therefore mixed with different alloy metals to make it harder. The more alloy is added the less pure the resultant gold is. 18K gold is 75% pure and is one of the commonest fine metal grades found in the Western world. 14K, 10K and 9ct gold (available in the UK) each contain lower amounts of pure gold. The higher the number of karats, the better (more pure) the gold is.

Remember the 4Cs

Biggest is NOT necessarily best in the case of diamonds. Diamonds are graded according to cut (the shape of the finished diamond), clarity (the type and extent of internal flaws, if any), color, and carat weight. The best diamonds have high clarity with very few inclusions (flaws), good color and have a good cut. The actual shape a diamond is cut into depends upon the characteristics of the raw diamond. There is no one cut that is better than any cut other overall. However, each diamond is individually suited to one particular cut to bring out its best fire. If two diamonds are identical in clarity, color and both have a good cut, then the bigger diamond will be the more expensive.

Keep it Real

These days the precious gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds can be created in a laboratory. Whilst these “created” crystals might be chemically similar to the real, mined crystals, they are considerably less desirable, and very much cheaper than the real thing. Even though some created diamonds are now so good that they can only be distinguished from the real thing by a trained jeweller, do not be tempted. And NEVER buy created stones for an engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings are supposed to last for life. No woman wants her engagement ring to consist of “fake” diamonds. Always buy the real thing.

Always Buy Fine Jewelry at the Absolute Top of your Budget

Set yourself a realistic budget – not too low. As a rule I always set a budget I know I can afford – and then double it. Remember you are buying a future heirloom. Fine diamond jewelry will be worn and enjoyed for several lifetimes. If you cannot afford to buy something you will be happy wearing for a lifetime, wait until you can.