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Top Five Fashion Flight Tips

If you’re beating the winter blues by jetting off to warmer climes or simply planning a weekend away in a foreign city, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion with these top five fashion travel tips.

  1. Buy a passport wallet. There’s no point making an effort with your outfit only to dig out a dog-eared, creased passport as soon as you get to customs. A passport wallet will give you an air of the well-travelled while a bright design will make your passport easier to find when rooting around in your bag in the queue. There are some great leather designs around to protect your passport, some of which also feature extra sleeves for your cards and travel documents.
  2. Don’t forget your umbrella! Most of Northern Europe is likely to be at risk of rain (or snow!) in January and February and even southern climes can experience changeable conditions. Fortunately, an umbrella can be an asset to your ensemble – try a strong, wooden-handled, walking-length umbrella with polka dots or lace for a timelessly sophisticated look.
  3. Take the right bag. There’s nothing more embarrassing than the inevitable argument with the check-in crew as you try to squeeze your enormous holdall (“It will fit, honest!”) into the measuring bins in the departure lounge. Most retailers provide measurements for their products and some ranges feature bags specially tailored to the standard dimensions for carry-on luggage.
  4. Use hotel shampoo. Not only will it save you precious luggage space, cheap shampoo can actually be good for your hair. Hotel shampoos often contain foaming agents which can dry out oily winter hair, leaving your locks with more body and shine.
  5. Go for flats. Unless you’re very accustomed to big heels, teetering round an airport on the first day of your holiday is more likely to bring you blisters than beauty. Flat or low-heeled ankle and calf-high boots are perfect for navigating Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and are versatile both for UK winter weather and a bit of early spring sun abroad.

Top Three Men Style Tips

Whether you are the man who regularly keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends or you are the man who simply goes by what feels comfortable; fashion is a demanding industry and the pressures that we face to ensure we look our best are constant.

Whatever your age and whatever your personal style; looking good will no doubt be an essential factor for you all but how do you know you are making all the right moves? I stand firmly by the belief that fashion depends on personal taste; you could be a fan of leather jackets, jeans and the punk rock look or you could be the dapper gentleman who prefers nothing more than a smart suit and tie but as long as you are comfortable and happy, anything goes.

Having said that however, there are a few commonly agreed points that any man can follow to ensure he is hitting all of the right notes with every part of his wardrobe…

-Accessorize- It might seem strange to tell a man that he needs to accessorize but the right choices can make all the difference. A quality scarf can be a great definitive item but so too can a watch or a belt. Choose wisely and don’t be afraid to make a statement. Many designer accessories collections have everything from the bold and beautiful to the simple and exquisite however there are a range of designers and high street brands that have endless choices so no matter what, you won’t be stuck for choices.

-Shoes- Quality shoes should be a must for every man. Take the time to invest in a classic pair of shoes that will not only last for years but remain at the forefront of style. Understandably it may seem like a scary move to purchase an expensive pair of shoes however, it could wind up being the best investment you ever make. Whether it is a stunning pair of leather formal or casual footwear; a good pair of shoes really can make a man.

-Fitting- A well fitted suit is the equivalent of a woman’s little black dress; classic, timeless and beautiful. Baggy and ill-fitting clothing is a cardinal sin and no matter what the circumstances can never look good. From your jacket to the pleat on your pant leg; nothing is better than a well dressed man. You can find an expert tailor anywhere with many offering bespoke tailoring services which means you no longer have an excuse

Six Fantastic Style Tips

This article discusses style tips that will enable you to improve how you look with the least amount of effort and trouble.

Basic is best, so you are going to need a choice of clothes that are exciting and fresh, yet not over the top. However, you should remember that flashy is very difficult to pull off and if you’re worried about how stylish you are then stick with something classic.

Expand your apparel as fashion is always changing and your style should move with the times. This doesn’t always mean that you have to follow fashion, but you should always be evolving the way you look to develop a more polished image. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean being contemporary with your choice of clothes, but it does mean moving towards a more preferred style that suits you.

Fashion is not always stylish, as many people assume, and consequently being trendy is not the same as being stylish. Stylish people don’t go out and buy the latest fashion, but make a careful and informed decision based on what suits them individually. They learn to build a wardrobe which is ageless and will always leave them looking stylish, no matter what the current fashion is.

Don’t go over the top with branding by walking around with large brand logos on your clothing, as this makes you look very unfashionable and looking like an advertisement for the brand. If you have to wear a brand logos on your clothing, make sure that it is a very small element of the look and fitting with the overall style.

Shoes are an essential accessory to any look, and sadly most men don’t pay enough consideration to their shoes. However, it is a vital part of your image, so make sure that you invest in an excellent pair of designer shoes and take good care of them to keep them in a pristine condition.

The fit if your clothes is also vital to how you look. If you’re looking to perk up your style, don’t go out and buy a group of clothing that you think is fashionable. The most important change you can make to your image is making sure that everything fits perfectly. Never wear clothes that are too big, or too small, and make sure that everything hugs your body in exactly the right way. Poor fit is far too common in men’s style, so make sure you don’t suffer from this problem.